Offshore crane series

FII Offshore Crane Type POC-RB

FII Offshore Crane Type POC-RB


Crane's main body construction is mianly divided into five parts of base,pedestal mount,tower body,box boom.Ram luffing and operator cabin.
The max lifting capacity is 60t,and the largest boom length can reach 45m.
The body mounts on the pedestal by slewing bearing.
The prime mover of crane can adopt electric-hydraulic or engine-hydraulic.
Occupy a smaller deck area suitable for small-scale solutions.

Basic design features
The crane use Ram Luffing,performance security and stability.
The box boom adopts the variable cross-section to reduce weight.
Crane's motions are performed by main and whip lifting,slewing and luffing units.All of these four units are driven by hydraulic.
Lifting and luffing winch are driven bu the axial piston motor having excellent performance and the drums are driven by the planetray gear reduction-box having high strength to wind wire rope so as to finish the lifting and luffing of goods.

Standard equipment
1.Beacon light
2.Siren and Speaker kit
3.The cabin is equipped with light,ventilation,fire extinguisher,mobile seat and notices for control levers,etc.
4.The power package includes a prime mover,hydraulic pumps,hydraulic tanks.Prime mover can be choice of diesel engine or electric motors.
5.Hydraulic system consists of two or three sets hydraulic pump driven by diesel engine(s) [or electric motor] and various valves and pipes.The pressure oil from hydraulic pump is respectively transferred to winch,slewing motor and luffing winch by a main control valve having high precision.
6.The above mentioned complete crane has been load-tested and adjusted before delivery and be reedy for mounting onboard ship or platform.
7.Crane base prepared for welding to deck's counter foundation.Base height (normally not more than 2m)can be in accordance with user's requirement.
8.Spare parts as per manufacturer standards(or purchase order) are delivered together with crane.
9.Certificates of classification society,maker quality,test report and hook,shackle,wire rope,etc.required by the user will be supplied together with crane.
10.Supply technical documents concerning installation,operation and maintenance.

Optional equipment
1.Heave compensation
2.Central lubrication
3.Ex-proof protection
4.Constant tension sysytem
5.Remote control
6.PLC intelligent control system
7.Air conditioner for cabin

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